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What is Data Entry?

If we're being completely honest with one another here, data entry is laborious. It's the sort of work your average person won't touch with a ten-foot pole (mostly because it is mind-numbingly repetitive and non-glamorous). In layman's terms it's the process of taking a bunch of figures / alphanumeric info from one digital file or paper document, and manually typing it into some other program. Most of the time there's a conversion process of the old data in the middle there, too – the one slightly interesting moment in what can often be hours and hours of monotony and hand cramps.
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How to hire a great freelance Data Entry Clerk

Are you looking to hire a data entry clerk? is the best place to find data entry clerks for hire on the web.
Data entry clerks play an important role in modern business. These clerks are responsible for entering and updating important data into their client’s database, providing the information that makes all other daily business processes possible.
Businesses of all sizes across a wide variety of industries rely heavily on the data processed by data entry freelancers. The fast pace of the business world requires that new, relevant data is received in a timely and accurate manner. Without this data, decision makers can make poor, uninformed decisions based off of incorrect or out of date information.
For this reason, freelance data entry clerks can offer your business a sizeable competitive advantage when it comes to the quality of your data entry job. These experienced, professional data entry clerks for hire on will add a significant boost to your organization’s data processing turnaround times, ensuring decision makers have the most accurate and up-to-date information available to make your data entry job a success.
While telecommuting and work from home data entry jobs opportunities have expanded significantly in the last decade, data entry clerks and employers alike have been taking advantage of telecommuting for many years. The nature of task lends itself well to home-based employees. Employers can hire data entry clerks located in regions far from their own location with confidence that freelance data entry clerks throughout the industry have performed exceptionally-well in similar situations for decades.

So You're Ready To Hire A Data Entry Clerk. Where Should You Start? 

Finding the perfect freelance data entry clerk doesn't have to be a hassle. There are several tips you can use to hire the perfect freelancer for your data entry job. Do you have a specific project in mind? Post a project for free on and watch freelancers from all around the world come to you with their competitive proposals.’s bidding and proposal system helps you find talented freelancers at a great price.
What are you waiting for? is the premier source for data entry freelancers on the web. If your business is in need of data entry clerks then look no further, has a wealth of the world’s most talented data entry professionals who are ready to help you with your data entry job.

What does a Data Entry Expert do?

A Data Entry Expert's primary responsibility is to extract data from both physical and electronic files and enter it into specified formats. Their expertise ranges from simple, repetitive tasks like copy-pasting and typing, to performing more advanced tasks such as accuracy checks, data processing and formatting.

Why should I hire a freelance Data Entry Expert?

In today's fast-paced and data-driven world, even minor mistakes can lead to major problems. A major area where these mistakes can happen is in manually extracting, typing, and organizing data. Besides being a time-consuming activity, it is often an error-prone process - which is why you should outsource these tasks to a professional who is trained to do them properly. A Data Entry Expert's attention to detail and organizational skills ensure that your data is accurately captured, processed and stored in an efficient manner, saving you a significant amount of time and resources and providing vital information in a timely and accurate manner. A freelance Data Entry Expert is often more cost-effective than employing a data entry clerk in-house or worse, having to do it yourself. Suffice to say, it's the perfect solution for when you want to get more done in less time, save money and concentrate on taking your business to the next level.

How much does a freelance Data Entry Expert cost?

You can find freelancers asking anywhere from $5-$100 per hour on for data entry projects but it really depends on the project complexity and its scope. Simple data entry jobs that don't require any special skills may cost less while projects requiring more hours, complex processing and formatting will likely cost more. However, data entry is typically one of the most popular types of online freelance jobs, so the market is pretty competitive and you'll certainly be able to find a freelance data entry expert within your budget. If the hourly model is not suitable to you, you can go for a Fixed-price model or even run a Contest.

Do I own the rights to work completed by a freelance Data Entry Expert?

In most cases, a Data Entry Expert will be working with data that clearly belongs to you, so it is very unlikely that they could claim rights to your data. But if you want to be safe, you can always upgrade your project with an IP agreement that you and the freelancer will sign at the start of your project. More appropriate to this sort of task is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), another upgrade you can ask the freelancer to sign to ensure confidentiality of the task or the project.
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